Vert-Age is the flagship product of VS Soft Solution. Incorporated in the year 2010. Vert-Age user friendly call center software: Easy to install, operate and upgrade. Fully featured. Affordable. Our Reliable Auto-Dialer from VS Soft Solution. Very simple to use-built & implementation is straightforward. Increases productivity and improves campaign by automatically dialing skipping busy, no-answer and disconnected lines, optionally leaving a voice message on answering machine and never involving you or your agent a call until a live person not answering. It single machine solution there requires no expensive telecom hardware or telephones.

Our job is to create the ideal dialing solution for your business. It allows the system to create Group/caller lists and then dials out to multiple calling groups/lists at the same time, thus helping target a wider market segment in a shorter period of time.

Our goals are to provide user-friendly software, high quality hardware, friendly and competent support service, and low prices.

VS Soft Solution helps in hardware products (Severs, Workstations,PC’s, PRI Cards, GSM gateway, CCTV cameras).


How Do You Benefit?

Cost Savings

VS Soft Solution is cloud-based you will enjoy huge savings and increased productivity compared to traditional System.

CRM Integration

Vert-Age can be customized to integrate with any existing CRM Software, so your database is easily and quickly accessible, secure and save always.


We are offering 24/7 technical support and customer support. When you need us we are there.


Your data is valuable so you value security, so why trust all your data, media, and private information to third party? When you with us we provide security of your data it stays between you and your customer.


  • Less effort more benefits.
  • Excellent Technical support.
  • Strong Management Team.
  • Strategic Partnerships.
  • Remote agent services by which you can transfer your call to remote enmit
  • We are having dedicated programmers for required customization


Leadership Team: We believe in demonstrating a “One Team” attitude and are led by our full team of VS Soft Solution VS Soft Solution rapid growth can directly be attributed to its very strong team of management professionals that possess a great depth and knowledge of the telecommunications market place. Our manager all share the vision of the company and are the given the ability and autonomy to act as entrepreneurs with the organization.

Our difference is in our people. VS Soft Solution fills a void in the call center industry: personal, priority support and fully integrated software solution for every business.


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